Sipahi II

Constantinople's Forgotten Axe

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Introducing the Sipahi II Larp Axe: a remastered version with a wide slicing edge, armor-piercing spike, and top spike. The bronze and steel head, redesigned grip, and Calimacil foam construction ensure safety, durability, and unmatched versatility in LARP combat. Unleash your warrior spirit!

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Introducing the Sipahi II Larp Axe - a remastered version of the renowned Sipahi Axe. This exceptional weapon features a wide slicing-edge, an armor-piercing spike, and a top spike, providing versatility in combat. The axe head is slightly teinted brass, while the redesigned staff offers an improved grip for enhanced handling. Made from Calimacil foam, this axe ensures both safety and durability, making it perfect for intense LARP battles.


In the ancient land of Constantinople, the legendary relic axe known as Sipahi once stood as a symbol of power. Centuries later, a blacksmith rediscovered the forgotten weapon and dedicated himself to remastering it. Inspired by tales of its fabled strength, warriors gathered, driven by the anticipation of battle and the promise of reshaping history.

Guided by the scent of salt, they journeyed across arid plains to Constantinople. With the remastered Sipahi in hand, they unleashed its dormant power, cleaving through enemy defenses. The axe became a beacon of hope, symbolizing resilience and rebirth. The city fell, and the legend of Sipahi II echoed across lands, forever etching its name into history's annals.


The Sipahi II Larp Axe is a versatile weapon suitable for various LARP characters. It can be wielded by a fierce Barbarian Warrior, a raiding Viking Raider, an aggressive Orc Berserker, a Knight Executioner delivering decisive blows, or a resilient Dwarf Warlord. The axe's features, such as the wide slicing edge, armor-piercing spike, and spiked top, cater to different playstyles and character archetypes. Whether you seek brute force, swift strikes, chaotic fighting, armor penetration, or sturdy craftsmanship, the Sipahi II Larp Axe enhances your character's combat prowess on the LARP battlefield.


Weight (g): 540
Total Length (cm): 88
Head Width;(cm): 22
Staff Length (cm): 74
Grip length (cm): 38
Material: Calimacil Foam

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