Tatar Bow

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- Before each use, please ensure the string's integrity, and do not use if it shows any signs of damage. Replacement strings can be acquired separately.
- Additionally, always consult your LARP organization to confirm the draw weight requirements for your specific event.


Experience unparalleled precision and performance with our exquisitely crafted bow. Immerse yourself in the world of archery as you unleash perfect shots with unwavering accuracy. Meticulously designed, this bow boasts a fusion of advanced materials and artisanal craftsmanship, making it a true masterpiece.

At its core, the bow features limbs crafted from resilient bamboo, providing the ideal balance between flexibility and strength. Encased in a clear fiberglass coating, these limbs offer unmatched durability while ensuring consistent and powerful shots. Every draw of the bowstring showcases its flawless flexibility, guaranteeing an impeccable shot each time you release.

The ergonomic riser, constructed from laminated dymondwood, is an embodiment of both comfort and aesthetics. Wrapped in genuine leather, it not only enhances your grip but also offers a tactile experience that elevates your archery practice. The meticulous attention to detail and the captivating color scheme make this bow a true visual delight, exuding a sense of elegance and sophistication.

To ensure longevity and unwavering performance, the tips of the bow are fortified with micarta. This strategic reinforcement not only prevents wear and tear over time but also solidifies the bow's strength. The result is a bow that stands as a testament to both its resilience and beauty, destined to grace your archery journey for years to come.

With your purchase, you'll receive not just a bow, but a gateway to precision and excellence. Unleash your potential with the included string, and embark on a journey of accuracy and mastery that only this exceptional bow can provide. Perfect for any LARP character or archery enthusiast, elevate your experience today.


  • Weight (g): 385
  • Length (cm/in): 132 / 52
  • Draw Weight (lbs@in): 24@29
  • Laterality: Ambidextrous
  • String included (cm/in): 124 / 49
  • Colors: Natural wood, Red/Green edges
  • Materials: Laminated Bamboo, Fiberglass, Dymondwood, Micarta, Leather

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