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the Oriental Knife

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The knife presented here was developed in the era Tensho in Japan. It is an ancient kind of trowel. The blade was not sharp, because the edges were used to break the plaster and wood. It was used by the common people as a tool primarily for Masons. However, its usefulness has evolved and the Japanese tradition recognize it as a cold steel used by ninjas, who used it as a throwing knife. The Tensho Knife adds a sharp and deadly esthetic to any LARP outfit. Open pommel rings allow you to hook Tensho Knives onto your gear for easy access during combat. This black and steel-colored knife is made with a pointed blade and a comfortable grip. Matching the look of spear points, the Tensho Knife complements larger swords, making your character efficient at both melee and ranged combat. The distinctive edges of this knife's blade give it a realistic and sharp appearance.

IMPORTANT : Created entirely of foam, the Tensho Knife has no inner shaft, making it safe to use as a thrown or thrusted edge.

Weight (g): 105
Total Length (cm): 28
Material: None, Calimacil Foam

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Au début, le kunai semble pas correspondre au attente, car la première fois que je l’ai reçu, j’ai remarqué qu’il était très mou, contrairement à ce que je pensait. Mais je me suis adapter à sa souplesse.
Très bon achat!

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