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the Ancestor's Glory

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The red axe tribe had a goal: take over the desolated northern steppes. Armed with their mythic axes and strong in numbers, they waged war like there was no tomorrow. They fought without rest for months, and every victory brought them new warriors and slaves. Soon, they had conquered all but one last tribe. One tribe standing between them and their empire: the broken axe tribe. Never before this many axes were seen on the same battlefield. When victory came for the Orcs, they showed their supremacy by taking the sacred axe of their new subjects and merging it with theirs. By doing so, they created much more than an empire; they created a new and terrifying tool of destruction. The double axe.


The head of this LARP double axe is incredibly realistic thanks to its steel colour and aged gold accents. Furthermore, the wooden handle ends with a perfect imitation of leather details. This enables a great handling in every situation. Entirely made of Calimacil foam, this axe is absolutely safe, and is durable enough to remain safe and enjoyable for years to come.


Special thanks to Sioreze Naev and Luke Vairy who helped us find this name on our Facebook Page.


Barbarians will naturally be drawn to this axe because of its brutal nature. They know that the only thing better than an axe is a double-headed axe. However, many evil creatures that dwell far away from civilisation may use this axe for its efficiency: Orcs, Goblins, even a few Trolls who learned “refined” techniques beyond crushing things with clubs.

Weight (g): 943
Total Length (cm): 108
Grip length (cm): 37
Staff Length (cm): 76
Head width (cm): 37
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Really Heavy! In a good way!

Incredible Quality! I enjoy playing with this axe. It's quite heavy as expected and it still looks perfect after two months of play. I am an 11-year-old boy who plays hard with these weapons with my friends.

J'ai le modèle de 5 pied

Wow belle pièce que j'ai acquis usager 5 pied bon poid solide et très intimidante . J'ai hâte de la mettre a l'épreuve en arène.


encore plus belle que je l’espérais! 😍

Le top du top pour un Orc

Pour l’immersion elle est vraiment géniale, on l’a très bien en main et elle n’est pas trop légère ce qui est vraiment top. Je l’utilise principalement pour mon Orc elle a déjà fait 5 ou 6 GN avec une utilisation intensive :p et elle n’a absolument rien. Vraiment satisfait de ce produit

Thor certainly wouldn't be too Grim

I love this axe. To start, its durability is fantastic. Whenever something has the possibility of hooking, it always gives me a bit of cause for unease, as that can lead to tearing. However they've made the head rigid enough so it's not flopping around, but malleable enough so that it doesn't get stuck. The result allows for a nice mix of manipulation of an opponent's weapon, without the risk of weapon tear.
The look of this weapon is great. It's intimidating, but not sinister, allowing a versatility of character use. Even though the design is rather simple in appearance, the texture of the wood, blade and leather is phenomenal.
And in battle this thing is a beast. At the game I play, Ashes of an Empire, its large axe head is great for getting past blocks and around shields, and it has enough reach so that to keep you out of harm's way, without being so long as to make it unwieldly. It is really well complimented by the fantastic structure of Ashes' combat system.
Overall, this is a great weapon, and a fine compliment to any arsenal.

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