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Tilly cloak wool

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When planning a swashbuckler costume, you will have a big piece done, when throwing over the cloak from our "Tilly" series. This hip long cloak will add lots to the costumes appearance, as it is one of the typical (and therefore recognizable) pieces of a 17th century swashbuckler, musketeer or any other rapier wielding fighter. It is being closed with a long lace underneath one arm and sits tight on the opposite shoulder. Worn loke this, the sword arm will be free to hold women when dancing or your rapier while teaching the opponent a good lesson.

Mytholon Costume Sizing


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circumference (cm)78-8186-8994-97103-107114-119126-131
Waist circumference (cm)62-6469-7278-8186-9096-102109-114
Hip circumference (cm)85-8995-97102-104109-112117-122129-134


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circomference (cm)82-8590-9398-101106-109114-117122-125
Waist circomference (cm)70-7378-8186-8995-99105-109115-119
Hip circomference (cm)86-8994-97102-105110-113118-121126-129

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