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Wilfred tunic

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Color: dark green/bordeaux
Size: dark green/bordeaux
The "Wilfred" tunic adds another piece to our new Mytholon "Chronicles" series. It is made from high quality cotton material and quite tough. It is lightly bell shaped towards the bottom and slit in the front and back. This way the tunic will not interfeare when running and fighting. The liberal neck opening and the cuffs are stepped counter coloured. Not only nobles and knights were dressed in tunics, all social classes, from commons to nobility, wore this piece of clothing. This allows "Wilfred" to be a good choice for all kinds of costume ideas. Combine it with a belt and the tunic will make for a great basic costume for the stroll on the medieval market.

Mytholon Costume Sizing


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circumference (cm)78-8186-8994-97103-107114-119126-131
Waist circumference (cm)62-6469-7278-8186-9096-102109-114
Hip circumference (cm)85-8995-97102-104109-112117-122129-134


 XSS (& XS/S)M (& S/M)L (& M/L)XL (& L/XL)XXL (& XL/XXL)
Chest circomference (cm)82-8590-9398-101106-109114-117122-125
Waist circomference (cm)70-7378-8186-8995-99105-109115-119
Hip circomference (cm)86-8994-97102-105110-113118-121126-129

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