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Wooden Stake

the Vampire Slayer

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When the first vampire-related victim was found in our land, we didn't know how to deal with the threat. We couldn't fight them, because we weren't warriors, only peasants and villagers. We couldn't kill them, as they seemed to heal their wounds instantly. There was a solution, however, and we found it by chance: a stake to the heart. This weapon didn't need any lengthy training, could be made in a few hours and with commonly found materials. It was the perfect tool for our village. We were now able to fight back these vampires, and eradicate them. They learned what fear was, the same fear we held not so long ago. We're fighting, but we didn't win the war. Yet.


This wooden stake is made of Calimacil foam: always safe and almost indestructible. Even better, like throwing daggers, this weapons is coreless, meaning you can stab with it and even throw it at your fleeing enemies! Finally, its wooden colour and appearance gives it a look of great realism, perfect to end the reign of many vampires and witches.


You hunt vampires, witches and other nightly creatures as a living? Then you absolutely must get at least one of those stakes! Careful travelers, priests of small villages and hunters all can use one of the few weapons to effectively kill these monsters. Even more, peasants and gobelins, having no means of buying or making swords, can always fall back on a wooden stake to defend themselves in any tense situation.

Weight (g): 68
Total Length (cm): 30
Material: None, Calimacil Foam

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As advertised.

It’s good. Exactly what I expected. Only thing I would want is it to have a bit more hardness, closer to a dagger and less like a throwing knife. But I really liked it.

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