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Ironclaw Bill

the Pipe Wrench

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They call me the « Plumber », but it’s been ages since the term has been associated with fixing leaky pipes. The mere idea of a hot shower fills me with bittersweet nostalgia. Sadly, a Plumber is the one that « hunts » city ruins, fighting its zombified and mutated citizens so he can mine the hundreds of thousand kilometers of copper and steel pipesburied in it.Bill and I then trade them with the isolated communities that dot the countryside around “our” city. Who’sBill you ask? It’s my faithful 10kg Pipe Wrench. It’s extremely useful to me, loyal as few things can be in this Hell-on-Earth where survival eventually destroys the most stable of relationships. Bill is the lever that allows me to rip out subsistence from the claws of, rock, concrete and mutant flesh that surround me. Without it, I would not be a Plumber but a rotting carcass.


Ironclaw Bill is a remarkably faithful replica of a very large Pipe Wrench similar to the ones we see in those horror flicks where blood, gore and zombie parts fly everywhere.Like the other long swords of our workshop, Ironclaw features a shape that stands firm during fights yet remains soft and flexible enough to prevent injuries. Don’t leave it lying; your father-in-law could mistake it for the real thing.

Weight (g): 285
Total Length (cm): 55
Staff Length (cm): 36
Head width (cm): 10
Material: fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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cle anglais e d'enfer

excellent produit ; durabilité ; réalisme ; couleur ; tout est ok

Great Quality (Light-Use)

The "Ironclaw Bill" is a great general use prop which has got quite a few compliments from my friends. There are a few tells that it is a prop-weapon, but overall it's design and paint is quite convincing.

After over 2 years of admittedly light-use, the quality has held up quite well! My only concern is the head of the wrench, which lacks the strong core and feels like it could degrade easily if used more heavily than I have (I have not attended a LARP event or used it for anything but a show-piece and occasional use).

Overall: a great-looking piece that I have some concerns about, but still appears to be well-made.

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