Yngvar II

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The Yngvar II LARP axe features a steel-coloured head with a bright gold cross and a nailed grip staff handle. Its Calimacil foam makes it safe and durable, and offers years of thrilling realism while protecting against injury. Enjoy epic battles with this reliable and realistic weapon.

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This new LARP axe uses our updated nailed grip staff as a handle while the steel-coloured head displays a cross of bright gold. This weapon is extremely realistic and with the help of Calimacil foam, it is safe and durable. It will provide years of joy and epic battles without any damage or injury. The perfect balance of thrilling realism and reliable safety; you can be sure this axe will provide a thrilling experience for years to come.


Centuries have passed since our triumph over the Southerners, and yet the legacy of our lumberjacks' ingenuity lives on. The time has come for the forging of a new axe, a symbol of our unwavering strength and resilience. The warrior, known throughout the land for his courage, steps into the fires of the forge to craft the legendary Yngvar II. With a leather-wrapped handle, it exudes both elegance and durability.

The master blacksmith hammers the blade, infusing it with the spirit of our ancestors who fought valiantly to defend our land. As the final touch, a leather string is wrapped on the handle to allow for a sure grip. With the Yngvar II in hand, our warriors stand taller, their spirits aflame with the memories of past triumphs. Now armed with this new weapon, we are prepared to face any threat that dares to challenge our sovereignty. The nearby nations gaze upon us with respect, knowing that our land is protected by warriors who wield not only a powerful axe but also an unbreakable will.


The front row isn't your jam but you still want you could behead a few enemies? This axe is for you. Melee warriors, organized groups, and poorly-defended foot soldiers will appreciate the reach of this weapon that grants great defense while still being able to cut a man down. Armies should always have at least a company of axemen because, behind some shields, they will win wars.


  • Weight (g): 850
  • Total Length (cm): 148
  • Staff Length (cm):
  • Staff colors: Light brown, Black, Gold
  • Head width (cm): 21
  • Head Colors: Steel, Gold
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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