Top 5 Calimacil Longswords

Top 5 Calimacil Longswords

The world of LARP continues to fascinate fans of epic, immersive adventures. Among the essential equipment of any LARP player, foam longswords play a crucial role in bringing these fantastic experiences to life.

In this article, we present an exquisite selection of five of the best longswords in the Calimacil collection, combining build quality, realism and safety for memorable LARP battles. Discover how these longswords redefine adventure gaming with style and panache.


1. Robbert Stark

You've probably heard of him! The Rob Stark sword is actually used in Games Of Throne by... Rob Stark (how surprising!). This sword is a masterpiece of realism. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it embodies the classic medieval aesthetic. Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable, balanced grip for fluid movement during your GN adventures. With its durable foam blade and solid inner core, it guarantees thrilling combat in complete safety.


Stark Longsword Manufactured by Calimacil


2. Hersir

Hersir is a longsword of finesse and nobility. Its intrepid knight aesthetic is accentuated by meticulous detailing and careful finishing. Designed to be both lightweight and durable, this foam sword offers a realistic combat experience while ensuring the safety of participants. Whether you're a knight seeking honor, a cunning thief or a prince thirsting for justice, the Hersir sword will accompany you in style.

Hersir Longsword Manufactured by Calimacil

3. Nilveth

For mysterious souls and warriors of darkness, the Nilveth sword is the perfect choice. With its dark design and mournful accents, this longsword adds a touch of drama to your escapades. The safe foam blade is designed to stand the test of time, while the ergonomic handle offers superior control in the most intense battles.


Nilveth Longsword Manufactured by Calimacil


4. Edda

Nordic warriors will find their ideal companion in the Edda sword. Inspired by the brute strength and determination of Viking warriors, this foam sword features authentic Nordic motifs. It combines aesthetics and functionality, with a resistant blade and a design that evokes the legendary heritage of the Nordic peoples.


Edda Longsword Manufactured by Calimacil

5. Scipio - The Roman Glaive

For strategists and leaders of men, the "Imperator" sword embodies command and power. This foam longsword stands out for its imposing design and battlefield presence. The balance between safety and realism is perfectly achieved in the "Imperator", giving LARP players the chance to take control of their epic adventures.


The Roman Gladius Manufactured By Calimacil



Whether you're a knight in shining armor, a fierce viking or a shadow adventurer, Calimacil's longsword collection offers a variety of options for all styles of LARP play. These long swords not only add an authentic dimension to your simulated battles, but also guarantee safety and durability thanks to their high-quality foam design. Explore the collection and choose the longsword that will embody your character and your epic tales in the captivating world of LARP.

Don't forget to check out Calimacil's complete longsword collection. Take the reins of your LARP adventure with these impressive weapons and immerse yourself in a world where imagination comes to life!

Top 5 Calimacil Longswords


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