Welcome to Bone Dragon Month at Calimacil!

Prepare for a month-long Halloween extravaganza like never before! At Calimacil, we're turning October into a spine-tingling adventure with Bone Dragon Month. Get ready for discounts and clearance deals on everything from vampire teeth to masks and prosthesis, and don't forget to showcase your creativity in our costume contest. We're also unveiling brand-new weapons to elevate your LARP and cosplay game. But the real thrill? Join us in an epic quest to summon the Bone Dragon by October 31st! Dive into the darkness and let the haunting festivities begin.

Spooktacular Discounts!

Embrace the Halloween spirit and take advantage of our spooktacular discounts and clearance offers. Whether you're in search of the perfect vampire teeth to complete your Dracula ensemble, a bone-chilling mask to terrify your friends, or prosthesis to add that extra touch of macabre to your costume, we've got you covered. Dive into our treasure trove of Halloween accessories and find unbeatable deals that won't haunt your wallet. It's the perfect opportunity to assemble the ultimate Halloween look without breaking the bank. Don't miss out on these limited-time offers to elevate your costume game this Bone Dragon Month!

Find Your Frighteningly Affordable Accessories

Awaken the Mighty Bone Dragon

Bone Dragon Fan Fiction Contest

This Bone Dragon Month at Calimacil, we invite you to channel your creativity and craft an intriguing origin story for the enigmatic Bone Dragon. In 300 to 600 words, delve into a world of ancient magic and eerie wonders, revealing how this legendary creature came to be.

Will you unveil the transformation of a hero through a cursed artifact, or weave a tale around an age-old prophecy? The possibilities are boundless.

Capture the essence of Bone Dragon Month and Halloween's chilling spirit in your narrative. The winning story will not only receive an exclusive prize but also be featured on our website, immortalizing your contribution in the lore of the Bone Dragon.

Dust off your quills, ignite your creative spirit, and immerse yourself in the mystique of the Bone Dragon. Submissions are open until October 31st. Don't miss your chance to breathe life into the legend of the Bone Dragon in your own words.

Reveal Your Most Spectacular Costume!

Are you a master of the mystical arts or a hero from a far-off realm? Does your costume bring legends to life or embody your favorite characters? We invite you to join our grand Costume Showcase and share your awe-inspiring LARP and Cosplay attire with fellow enthusiasts!