Hersir the King's Will: The Making Of

Hersir the King's Will: The Making Of

You might not know about this, but some of the most spectacular Calimacil’s creations have been done in collaboration with Seyrawyn. The Lonnar, Calfera and Dorgen hammers, as well as the Krieger axe, all came from the popular series of fantasy novels. More recently, the Hersir sword was added to this great collection and quickly became one of our most popular foam LARP swords. Let us tell you more about it’s creation.

Inspiration and concept art for the Hersir Sword

The authors of Seyrawyn, Martial Grisé and Maryse Pépin, imagined a sword worthy of an excellent warrior and commander of troops. Inspired by the Vikings, their characters as well as the weapons they use inspire marvellous images. After many weeks of research through historical references and realisations from great designers of metal swords, Martial and Maryse meticulously finalized their sketch for the Hersir sword.

Creation of the 3D design

From this two dimensions design, Luc and Tommy, from the Calimacil team, specialists in 3D designs, built a three dimensions version of the sword with the ideal measurements to obtain a safe but surprisingly realistic foam weapon. “Aestheticism, mass distribution and safety are the three most important aspects when creating new models and they are often contradictory. We must go through several steps of validation and modification of the first versions before we get the desired feeling and we can present a final model to our partners”, explains Patrick Lessard, CEO of Calimacil.

Getting to the final result

The tracery, the ornaments made of criss-crossing patterns, caused a good amount of troubles when we created the first molds. As many of our creations, we had to adapt to the limits of the materials we used and be creative to get a perfect result. After several design iteration, we finally achieved the desired level of historical Viking visual and the result is impressive.

“Our weapons projects with Calimacil are always very ambitious, different and especially unthinkable, but Calimacil was able to rise to the challenge and achieve them with success. The Calfera hammer, with the two dragon’s heads, comprises a degree of details unequaled on the market, and the Krieger axe, as well as the Dorgen hammer, became a must all around the world. Now, the viking sword Hersir Master series, and its stunning blade, stands as a true marvel in its category”, explains Martial Grisé, president, editor at Les Éditions McGray and author of the Seyrawyn series of novels.

A sword worthy of kings

In total, ten people got involved in the development of this model. Such a combination of expertise and creativity allow us to offer products of this amazing quality, always at the pleasure of the LARP players and the Seyrawyn’s fans. “It has been eight years now that we create weapons from our adventure novel series Seyrawyn with Calimacil. I chose Calimacil, for their professionalism, as well as for the quality of its products. It was important to me to maintain that level of quality that we already have with our range of products. Calimacil was the ultimate choice and every new project is welcomed with the same fervor and dynamism from the whole team!”, adds Martial Grisé.

You can now get Hersir, the King’s Will, on our online store. It is available in a simpler version, very short with a silver blade, ideal for kids or as a secondary weapon, or in the Master Edition, short or long, with one of the most spectacular blade made by Calimacil to this day.

Hersir, the King's Will

Hersir Sword - Foam LARP Sword

Despite an already well-stocked collection, Martial has not finished to share his creative genius with the LARP community. “The extraordinary creations that have been done are born from the excellent partnership that reigns between Calimacil and Les Éditions McGray. This collaboration’s results are surprising: exceptional quality weapons that makes the onlookers dream. Wait to see the next weapons, you will be amazed!”, he concluded.

Hersir the King's Will: The Making Of


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