Looking back on the CaliCON 2019

Looking back on the CaliCON 2019

CaliCON 2019

On November 8th and 9th 2019, at Calimacil’s headquarters (1150, Deschaillons street, Sherbrooke, Quebec), our event welcomed everyone who is interested in immersive games and fantasy. Intrigued? Here are all the details about the CaliCON, as well as some picture sharing from the 2019 edition. Photo credits: Jérémy Hamel.

What is the CaliCON?

The CaliCON is an event organized by Calimacil aiming to bring together the LARP community as well as to present this enchanting universe to the general public. This was the first edition under this name and with such magnitude, however, Calimacil’s annual event, from which CaliCON evolved, has happened for several years already.

During the previous editions, the local public and business partners were invited to visit Calimacil’s workshop to meet our craftsmen and artists as well as observe their work.

For the 2019 edition, while the visit of the workshop remained central, the Sherbrooke company also offered to all the chance to explore the playful universe of their field of action through games, meetings, conferences and other activities.

What is the objective of the CaliCON?

First of all, CaliCON is an event open to all, without any admission fees. This event remains mainly a gathering of the community. Patrick Lessard, founder, and owner of Calimacil considers that an investment in the community, which allows our passion to thrive, is the least he could do.

There is no success without collaboration and we hope to create a favorable climate for discussion, exchanges and the entertainment of all.

What the CaliCON offers:

  • Calimacil’s workshop visits;
  • Foam weapons tryouts;
  • Archers combats;
  • Evasion game;
  • Cosplay;
  • Various artisans;
  • Combat arena;
  • Video games;
  • Conferences;
  • Contests and Draws

Pictures of CaliCON 2019 Credits: Jérémy Hamel 

Click here to see pictures taken by the team and other participants

Annual Progress

Patrick and his team were proud to present their achievements during the CaliCON. Calimacil has stood out on the international scene already for several years due to the quality of its products. In 2019, the business multiplied its reach because, notably, of partners in the cinema and video games fields, such as the famous The Witcher franchise of CD Projekt Red, and Stranger Comics whose Niobe’s series will be broadcasted on HBO.

Also, fresh from their trip to Italy, Patrick and Samuel presented an account of their visit to the massive event of Lucca Comics & Games. This project was supported by the Sherbrooke International program of Sherbrooke Innopole, which made M. Lessard a proud Lauréate Ambassador 2019.


Special Thanks

We would like to thank everyone who came to visit us during the event as well as our partners and the LARP community for their support.

Also, thanks to the media who shared our product and event. It's always an honor: 

La Tribune, Radio Canada, The RecordGeekbecois, CIAX, La page à Melkor

CaliCON 2019


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