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the Fierce Wolf

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Length: One hand
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In old-Norse, ‘Krieger‘ is the name given to fierce warriors that have seen and survived many battles. This Viking axe displays symbolism of the wolf, distinguishing itself by its unique style and for what it represents. This axe made its first appearance in the hands of a group of Viking veterans on a distant island called Arisan. The rumours concerning theses axes were that they had been especially enchanted to be Wolfsegen, special talismans known to grant power over wolves and werewolves. Wether or not these are just legends, when you do meet a group of guards of the great Jarl, a wandering skald or even just one Viking with a Krieger in his possession, I can only offer you one piece of advice: stay wary, as this may be your last battle! Such is the reputation of this fabulous weapon!


The Krieger axe features a steel head with a celtic wolf engraved. The black handle imitates leather for a firm grip, while the pommel is shaped like the head of an incredibly detailed dire wolf. The whole axe is made of our unique Calimacil foam, so it will stay safe even after countless battles!


Celtic warriors will appreciate the design of this axe as well as its use as a tool. Many druids, shapeshifters and barbarians may use this weapon as it will bring them closer to their animal side. Finally, due to its intricate details and fine engravings, this axe can be used as a ceremonial piece, or as a gift to a foreign ruler as a sign of peace.

Weight (g): One hand : 550; Two Hands : 750
Total Length (cm): One hand : 68; Two Hands : 98
Grip length (cm): 22
Staff Length (cm): One Hand 36; Two Hands : 66
Head width (cm): 20
Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

Seyrawyn Collection

Makers from Québec, visionnaries and artists, Martial Grisé, leatherworker and actor, as well as his accomplice Maryse Pépin, graphic designer and illustrator, are the heart of the McGray publishing house. Both of them also authors, they have a unique writing style between both of them. If Maryse represent the educative and playful aspect, Martial is the pillar of the storyline, reinventing the Medieval Fantasy genre.

Joining their talents, they created a unique and educative concept: Their famed dragon eggs give strengths. They published 21 books for all ages and their collections are bestsellers. They also developped a whole line of merchandise, among them Calimacil foam weapons

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Customer Reviews

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Superb weapon

I really like the grip and balance of this item. The look is really great. Would recommend.

Wonderfully balanced axe

This axe has a beautiful design making a perfect fit for a dain rp. It has a good weight to it and easy to maneuver.

Piece of art

All of the Calimacil line is pretty but this one is above and beyond. The details look even better in person somehow, and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Highly recommend.


Une hache d’une excellente qualité et très bien fini! Assurément durable. Bravo Calimacil!

Beautiful Savagery

I finally ponied up the cost of a pair of these after eyeing them for nearly a year, and boy... they're even prettier in person. They're also very effective, if difficult to learn. Twin axes aren't easy to pull off, but if you try it, you'll want these. They're large, but in a good way. They retain a ton of speed, and are surprisingly easy to swing and control one-handed. And since the faux-wrapped handle is so long, you can choke up for faster swings or lengthen the grip for range and power. The wolf head on the bottom serves double duty, both as a great aesthetic piece as also as a functional one, as the wolf's nose will catch your pinky from sliding off the handle when you swing or slide your hand down the grip. The blades are tough, but the non-blade portion of the head is very flexible, which reduces the likelihood of injury resulting from hits, so unleash your inner berserker!

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