LARP Partners

The live action role play (LARP) groups and organizations listed here recognize Calimacil as a manufacturer of safe weapons that meet their requirements. More specifically, the design, sizes and materials used in the manufacturing of Calimacil weapons respect the safety regulations of these organizations.

However, those in charge of events reserve the right and the duty to inspect and refuse any non-compliant weapon. A weapon can be considered non-compliant if it is modified or damaged, or if it does not respect the security criteria established by those in charge of the homologation.

If a weapon is inadmissible and there is a discrepancy in the safety regulations, Calimacil invites you to contact us immediately, whether you are a player or a homologator, at

The main purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all our weapons are safe in all aspects and that they meet your expectations. We also wish to keep our internal safety standards up to date in the design and manufacturing of all items. These standards are constantly updated thanks to the communities from Canada, Belgium, France and the United States.


United States

Dystopia Rising Connecticut
Elysium LARP Massachusetts
Enlightened Fantasy LARP Southeastern Michigan Enlightened Fantasy Facebook Page
The Emerald Vale Greenville, South Carolina
KANAR Milan, Michigan
Knight Realms New Jersey / Pennsylvanie
Lannerea Battle Games California
LarpCraft Wisconsin / Worldwide
Last Hope Wisconsin LARP Wisconsin
Legacies Washington
Mystic Realms New Jersey
NERO® Boston/Epic Adventures Massachusetts
Solarean Adventures Saint Louis, MO
The Age of Heroes New York
The world of Endless Adventures Kansas
Triumph Ohio
Wyvern Rising Pennsylvania
Xadune LARP Georgia



Mondiala Entertainment
Pantheon LARP Bohuslän
Granland Stockholm
Krigshjärta Lindesberg



Crom Plœmeur
La Fantastique Comédie Bretagne
La foire aux chimères Bouches-du-Rhône
Les clefs des Légendes côtes d'Armor
Les irrécupérables du jeu de rôle Nord


GN Azoria Vaud, Bercher
L'Hydre Vaud


Mytholon (RETAILER) Hamburg



Sword Craft Melbourne


Alliance Alberta Edmonton
Underworld LARP Edmonton


Medieval Chaos Productions Cowichan Bay


Underworld LARP Acton


Havok! World of Vaithan: Age of Machina Winnipeg


Académie (Atelier du Loisir) Montérégie
AJJRO Outaouais
Arkadia Cantons-de-l'Est
Baelsfjord Cantons-de-l'Est
Bicolline Mauricie
Chroniques de Keldoran (Les) Bas-Saint-Laurent
Dernière Alliance Chaudière-Appalaches
Flamme des Arcanes Lanaudière
Funus Irae Montréal
GN Écuyers (Atelier du Loisir) Montérégie
La Crypte Région de Québec
Lyrvania, Le Royaume de Laurentides
Mellyn en Ennorath Lanaudière
Milandes Outaouais
Mythes et Légendes de Béliandre Lanaudière
Organisation Mystère Chaudière-Appalaches
Phoenix Outaouais
Royaume d'Avalon Laurentides
Royaume d'Obsidia (Le) Outaouais
Soleil Noir Lanaudière
Terres d'ondeval, les Région de Québec
Terres de Bélénos Mauricie
Terres Draconiques Cantons-de-l'Est