Introducing Our Collaborations: Join Calimacil as we proudly partner with renowned giants from the realms of LARP, video games, and literature. Our official replicas, crafted exclusively from safe Calimacil foam, embody the essence of the original assets. Elevate your presence and astonish your peers with our exceptional collection of high-quality replicas. Explore our Collaborations page to witness the convergence of creativity and craftsmanship.

Official Videogame Replicas

Welcome to Calimacil, where gaming and LARPing collide in exceptional craftsmanship. Explore our exclusive collaborations with The Witcher III by CD Projekt Red and Kingdom Come Deliverance by Warhorse Studio. Experience the immersive worlds of these iconic franchises through our officially licensed LARP replicas, capturing the essence of their virtual counterparts. While our past partnership with Destiny by Bungie has concluded, our dedication to crafting extraordinary LARP gear remains unwavering. Join us on this thrilling adventure and discover our current selection of remarkable replicas that bring fantasies to life.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Official Replicas

Introducing our exceptional partner, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, an immersive action RPG that takes players on an epic journey through a rich and vast open world. Developed by CD Projekt Red, this masterpiece boasts stunning visuals, captivating storytelling, and dynamic gameplay as Geralt of Rivia. Embark on a quest to find your adopted daughter and unravel the mysteries of a war-torn fantasy realm. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary collaboration that brings unparalleled excitement to the gaming world!

Explore our website to get your hands on official Larp replicas! Unleash the magic of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt with stunning and authentic gear for your adventures.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Official Replicas

Welcome our esteemed collaborator, "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" - a captivating medieval RPG known for its historical accuracy, immersive gameplay, and rich storytelling. Experience the life of a valiant hero in 15th-century Bohemia, navigating political intrigue and challenging combat. Embark on an unforgettable journey through lush landscapes and embrace the true essence of the Middle Ages with this exceptional game.

Discover our collaboration with Kingdom Come for official Larp replicas! Dive into the medieval world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance with authentic gear for an immersive experience.

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Official Litterature Replicas

Welcome to Calimacil, where imagination takes physical form. Step into the world of literature with our exclusive collaborations featuring three remarkable authors. Dive into the enchanting universe of Seyrawyn by Maryse Pépin and Martial Grisé, where fantastical tales come alive. Embrace the epic journey of Shadow of the Conqueror by Shad M. Brooks, where heroes and villains clash in a battle for destiny. Immerse yourself in the rich storytelling of Stranger Comics by Sebastian A. Jones, where legends unfold. Experience the essence of these captivating literary works through our meticulously crafted replicas. Discover the magic of words brought to life and unleash your own storytelling prowess with Calimacil's extraordinary collection.


Official Replicas

Presenting Seyrawyn, our esteemed collaborator, a renowned brand specializing in fantasy-inspired creations. With an exceptional blend of craftsmanship and imagination, Seyrawyn offers a mesmerizing collection of unique jewelry, accessories, and artifacts that transport you to enchanting realms. Embrace the magic of Seyrawyn and bring a touch of fantasy into your everyday life.

Unlock the mystique of your favorite literary worlds with Seyrawyn's exclusive offering. Delve into the captivating universe of legendary books, and obtain the very weapons wielded by your beloved characters right on our website. Embrace the essence of fantasy and embark on extraordinary adventures with Seyrawyn's exceptional weaponry.

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Stranger Comics

Official Replicas

Introducing our esteemed collaborator, Stranger Comics, a visionary storytelling company that has spent over 20 years crafting an intricate universe inhabited by diverse and captivating characters. With a strong focus on storytelling excellence, their works feature powerful heroes, including inspiring Black women, Niobe, at the forefront. Through comics and literature, Stranger Comics transports readers to extraordinary worlds that transcend boundaries and ignite the imagination. Step into their captivating narratives and experience the magic of storytelling at its finest.

Immerse yourself further in the extraordinary worlds of Stranger Comics by obtaining the weapons featured in their books, available exclusively on our website. These authentic replicas allow you to become a part of the legendary adventures of your favorite characters. Embark on your own heroic journey and embrace the essence of their visionary universe.

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Official Replicas

We are thrilled to present our esteemed collaborator, Shadiversity, a renowned writer and YouTuber known for his captivating content on historical weaponry, armor, and world-building. Delve into his fascinating book universe, "Shadow of the Conqueror," where epic adventures and intricate lore await. Immerse yourself in a world of heroes and villains, as Shadiversity weaves a tale like no other.

Explore our exclusive collection of fantasy-inspired swords, masterfully crafted in collaboration with Shadiversity. These exceptional and imaginative swords draw inspiration from the fantastical realms Shadiversity brings to life, making them the perfect addition for enthusiasts of fantasy weaponry and collectors seeking unique, beautifully crafted pieces. Unleash your imagination and wield a truly remarkable and distinctive sword, available only on our website.

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Specials Collaborations

Discover the essence of extraordinary craftsmanship through our special collaborations. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Bicolline, where history and fantasy intertwine, and experience the stunning creations born from our partnership. Unleash your inner warrior with the remarkable Katana sword developed together with Maul Cosplay, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Lastly, step into the enchanting realm of the Calimacil/Dracolite special collection Mythic Workshop, where imagination flourishes and unique creations come to life. Embark on a journey beyond imagination as you explore these remarkable collaborations that push the boundaries of creativity.

Duché de Bicolline

Official Replicas

The Duché de Bicolline is the largest site dedicated to fantasy live action role playing in North America, with a village of more than 220 buildings designed and built in a joint venture with the players on a 100 hectares site. The world of Hippocampe is the backdrop of year-round activities of all sorts where players, by their actions, dictate the fate of the nations.

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Maul Cosplay

Exclusive Larp Weapons

Introducing our esteemed collaborator, Maul Cosplay, a renowned expert in crafting top-tier costumes and props. With their exceptional attention to detail and passion for bringing characters to life, they have established themselves as a leading force in the cosplay community, providing fans with extraordinary experiences.

Exciting news awaits! Now you can wield the sword developed in collaboration with Maul Cosplay, exclusively available on our website. Embrace the authenticity and craftsmanship of this remarkable piece, straight from the hands of the cosplay master himself. Don't miss the chance to own a true work of art for your adventures!

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