Ciri's Dagger

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Witchers are mutants, men subjected to gruelling training and flesh-altering experiments that prepare them for one purpose: to kill monsters. Ciri is Geralt's protege and apprentice, learning the Witchers' superhuman reflexes, strength and fighting skills after surviving the loss of everything she's ever known.

Created in collaboration with CD PROJEKT RED, we present Ciri's Dagger from the universe of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, an award winning action role-playing game. In the universe of The Witcher, daggers are used to harvest trophies from downed opponents. Crafted and designed from original in-game assets, this foam replica is soft enough to ensure safe usage in mock combat, but firm enough for cosplay and prop usage.

In the open world of Wild Hunt, you chart your own path to adventure. You play as a bounty hunter, a man of the road. You set your own goals and choose your own destinations. Go after the bounty on the head of a nasty monster pestering a village or help a scheming noble who needs a dirty job done — no matter what style of epic questing you crave, The Witcher will provide it. Now you can also wield our foam replicas and train your fighting techniques to slay magical beasts.

Calimacil Highlights

  • Unmatched durability
  • Stunning realism
  • Extremely safe
  • Weather resistant
  • Latex-free (no allergenic components)
  • Maintenance-free


  • Weight (g): 175
  • Total Length (cm): 45
  • Blade Length (cm): 29.5
  • Blade Thickness (cm):
  • Blade color: Silver
  • Handle length (cm): 15.5
  • Grip length (cm): 10
  • Crossguard width (cm): 7
  • Handle Thickness (cm): 2 to 5.5
  • Handle Color: Brown, Steel
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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