Elven Wood Arrow, 29in

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Option: High Speed

High Speed
Low Speed

Size: 29" / 74 cm

29" / 74 cm

Color: Green

-Always check arrows doe damage before use. Do not use if damaged. Replacement fletching's can be purchased separately.
-Don't forget to check with your LARP organization for the arrow safety requirements of your event.


We love these new arrows that feature a fiberglass shaft with wood finish and Legolas style colored feather fletchings! These fletches aid the arrow in flying straight and sound cool too! As always, the arrow heads are our standard models and you can choose between the two. These arrows also have a larger rounded nock for easier and safer handling.

High Speed: the IDV Arrow Heads make the best high speed LARP arrows on the market With its more durable rounded design.

Low Speed: The safe 5,4cm diameter arrow head is made by B3 Imagination Studio and is comprised of open cell and closed cell foam padding as well as a tear resistant and waterproof thin layer of high-density closed cell foam on the end of the tip. This last layer renders the arrow more durable without compromising the softness of the arrow.


  • Weight (g): 60
  • Shaft Length (cm): 74
  • Head length (cm): High: 7.1 ; Low : 9
  • Head diameter (cm): High: 5.1 ; Low: 5.4
  • Materials: Fiberglass, Urethane foams, Feather

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