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Fourreau de la Légion

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Centurion Gaius Crastinus of the Legion X Equestris was strolling slowly between the ranks of legionnaries lined for the upcoming battle. His step was measured and calm despite the tense atmosphere. He was the Primus Pilus, the most senior and respected soldier of the whole 10th Legion. He was first amongst the centurions, leader of the first cohort of the most loyal and pretigious legion fielded by Julius Ceasar. As the army was preparing for the final clash against Pompey Magnus' forces, Crastinus was making peace with his own fate. The general had asked from him the ultimate proof of his unwavering service. Him whom fought alongside Ceasar against the rebel Gauls, him whom saw the victory at Alesia, him whom followed through every campaigns up to this messy civil war, him whom received the honor to serve in the Legio X as the legion's first centurion... he made Ceasar a solemn promise :

"Today, general, I shall earn your gratitude whether I live or die"

Wearing his most prestigious armor, a luxurious muscle cuirass as the ones worn by the most renowned officers of Rome's armies, Crastinus knew deep inside that the gods of the underworld would have his life before sunset. He intented to let Pluto have his sacrifice, but he would not relinquish his life before his general received the victory he promised him. Crastinus wouldn't retreat, he wouldn't fall back, never again. He intended to fight, gladius in hand, right on the first line, surrounded by his brave and loyal legionnaries of the 10th Legion. If it was how he would meet his end, he would be glad to die in service of the cause. 


This baldric scabbard is made of dyed vegetable leather and lined with fur to protect your LARP weapon from friction when you sheat and unsheat the blade. With it's classic military style, this piece can complete many character outfits, such as an officier, a general, a tactician, a roman centurion, or a drill sergeant. 


  • Dyed vegetable leather 5-6 oz / 2mm
  • Supple leather 5-6 oz / 2mm
  • Thick leather 9-10 oz / 4mm
  • Antique brass plated rivets, eyelets, and decoration


  • Adjustable with a strap
  • The inside of the scabbard is lined with fur to protect your foam weapon from friction
  • One sized 

Handmade in Quebec, Canada, by les Artisans d'Azure 

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