In the desire to obtain products of incomparable quality, Dracolite, a company of medieval-inspired creations delivering to a clientele all around the globe, partnered with Calimacil, a world-class supplier of foam weapons, to create a legendary brand for the LARP community. Thus was born Mythic Workshop, a series of collections of weapons, armor and accessories that will redefine the affordable high-end.

The weapon, being an important part of a LARP character, must be recognized at a glance. It must respect the atmosphere of the collection but be generic enough to reach a wider variety of players. This is what the Mythic Workshop collection is all about: creating weapons that will respect the imaginary culture of a character but also match the needs of various professions.

Arantar Collection

“High Kings”, “Those who have climbed”, “The Gods who walk” … from one dialect to another, Arantar can have different interpretations and meaning. The etymology of their name was forgotten a long time ago but many think they chose this title themselves. Whether by arrogance or simply to express their lust for the sky, this term, describing their pride, is no less appropriate.

Even though our Arantar weapons were primarily designed for elven characters, they can do very well for a character of divine nature or for a high fantasy civilization.

Ungoll Collection

Traitors, demons, damned … the Ungolls were nicknamed by many nasty qualifiers since their separation from their former elven brethren. However, despite their appearance, they have no infernal ancestry and, like their forest cousins, hold in great esteem the nature that surrounds their domain.

Although the weapons of the Ungoll collection were developed primarily to accompany Dark Elves and Drow in their adventures, they can equally assist agents of chaos in their occult acts or an infernal being in his quest for revenge.

Sigur Collection

Northern Conquerors and legendary hunters, the Children of Sigur are the undisputed masters of frost and steel. Recognized for their enthusiasm and devotion in combat, some will say that they are naturally hot-blooded to compensate for the polar wind of their motherland.