Shad Brook’s YouTube channel, Shadiversity, has gathered 1.7 millions subscribers and over the past five years, he’s been making content for the medieval fantasy community. He explore theme like LARP, HEMA, Myth-busting movies and video games. With the help of Diratia Productions his book Shadow of the Conqueror is being brought to live through Short movie financed by the community on Kickstarter. Who could be a better partner than Calimacil to bring to life the main protagonist sword, Imperious, to life!


Created in collaboration with Shadiversity and Diratia Productions, here is Imperious! This official replica is crafted and designed from original assets. Made of safe foam, it is soft enough to ensure a safe usage in mock combat, but is firm enough for cosplay and prop usage.


Shadow Of The Conqueror

Who better to fight back the darkness of the world than the one responsible for most of it?
Daylen, once known as the Great Bastard, the Scourge of Nations, Dayless the Conqueror, has lived in hiding since his presumed death. Burdened by age and tremendous guilt, he thinks his life is coming to an end. Unbeknownst to him he’s about to embark on a journey towards redemption where his ruthless abilities might save the world. Many battles await with friends to be made and a past filled with countless crimes to confront, all the while trying to keep his true identity a secret. Indeed, it might be too much if not for the fabled power awaiting him.


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Diratia  Productions is a Montreal-based video production company. Their primary focus is on corporate work, but all of their team members are passionate about film and fantasy. Members of the team come from across the globe and have worked on: films (X -Men franchise, Immortals, White House Down, Muted)


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